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The Cloud Racer.

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In the future, internationally televised aerial races pit the most courageous young pilots against each other across dangerous tracks through climate-ravaged abandoned cities. 

A poor, unknown racer named Jonah who lives outside the richer fortress cities enters his cobbled together race-craft and faces off against much better funded corporate teams. 

With the help of his father/mechanic and a former champion, our crew will travel across the United States from one abandoned ghost city to the next, facing off in a competition that takes the best aspects of modern Formula 1 and merges them with the politics of The Hunger Games in an apocalyptic competition of David versus Goliath.

Trailer, Short Film & Behind the Scenes.

I'm excited to share with you a project that’s as fun as it is ambitious — and one with a fistful of heart. A futuristic racing film doubling as a family road trip movie. A four-quadrant, high-octane ride with massive appeal. With intense action, high stakes, and a deeply rooted human core, THE CLOUD RACER is an ode to the escapist films we love (and dearly miss).

This is hard science fiction– futurist world building that fires on all cylinders. An underdog story that takes place in a climate-ravaged future America where the more fortunate citizens live in protected Fortress Cities while blue-collar “Outerlings” fend for themselves in the bleak landscapes outside the walls. Our unlikely hero is one such Outerling; a reckless youth with a chip on his shoulder and a life-long dream of making it to the big leagues with his flying race-craft.

But when he actually realizes this dream and starts competing with the big boys and girls of the Fortress Cities, pitted against ships backed by the largest corporations in the world, he’ll come to find that all that glitters is not gold. Inspired by modern Formula 1 racing and informed by the famous pod-racing sequence from
Star Wars, THE CLOUD RACER is a non-stop ride that takes us across cities ravaged by extreme climate change – showing us just what the future has in store for humanity.

It’s a true underdog story of epic proportions.

Directors Note.


- Joe

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