Cloud Racer

The year is 2052. Rising oceans have flooded coastal cities as the population has fled turning them into ghost cities. An extreme disparity in wealth has led to the wealthy hulled up in fortress cities and the poor living outside of the city walls in rural towns.

Once a year, SpaceX hosts an internationally televised race circuit that has become as popular as the Olympics. Taking place in three different abandoned ghost cities, racer spaceplanes and modified aircraft go head to head, racing across complex courses amongst the decrepit skyscrapers, malls, bridges and tunnels, close to the ground at insane speeds.

CLOUD RACER is a heart-pounding racing tale that follows JONAH, a young solar farmer from a rural town who has greater ambitions than his salt of the earth roots allow him to — to compete as a racing pilot in these Cloud Races — a dangerous, high-stakes international sport akin to Formula 1 motor racing … but with top-of-the-line racing aircraft.

At its core, this is the story of a young man's aspirations to rise above his circumstances and to hold onto what little family he has left, bottled into a high-stakes event film that analyzes the polar extremes of classism, telling an age-old story how all that glitters is not gold -- and setting it in a riveting new landscape.