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AUTONOMOUS is a pulse-pounding crime thriller, a fully animated or hybrid animation half-hour series centered around motorcycle gangs in a world of autonomous vehicles (AV’s).

Inspired by gritty cyberpunk, gang culture, comics and anime, our story is set in future Detroit and explores the criminal underworld of modified motorcycles let loose on a controlled grid of AV’s through the eyes of an undercover criminal informant. These “off the grid” motorcycles are more than just machines — they represent freedom and anarchy in a controlled world.

Intense, grungy, dark, and violent, AUTONOMOUS is a brutalist cyberpunk dreamscape, a place where high-octane chases thread the needle through the tapestry of a city at war— wrestling with corporate control, organized crime, and anarchist rebellion. We’ll explore themes such as the cost of freedom, the notion of history repeating itself, the impact of technology on our society, the things we live and fight for, violence as power, and the changing nature of identity.

Featured on Short of the Week and DUST.

An original proof of concept created and developed by Impossible Objects


Animated TV Series being produced by Jon Berg and Stampede Ventures.

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